Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for the FJ Girls website updated when further FAQ’s arise.

When was FJ Girls launched?  12 October 2014 with 10 fashionista photos spotted at London Fashion Week at Somerset House to get the ball rolling.

What is the update frequency?  Weekly initially with anything from 1 to 10 fashionistas seen in the London area.

Do the women have to be from London to feature? No they can come from anywhere in the world but have had to be spotted in the London area which is defined as inside the M25.

What camera do you use?  Mainly use an old battered Canon DSLR which I call my “lucky camera” which is mainly used for celebrity work and has seen many in it’s time. But a mobile or bridge camera may be used from time to time.

Will the website be featuring video in the future?  At present the FJ Girls website will only be featuring photos but may feature video in the future but that is some way off yet.

Is FJ Girls on Twitter?  Yes you can find FJ Girls @fjgirls. Follow to get the latest updates, news and developments and behind the scenes happenings.

Is FJ Girls on Facebook?  At present NO but this is something that may be looked into.

Is FJ Girls on any other social networks?  No other networks at present.

Is there any chance of myself appearing on this website?  Yes see the Models page for further info BUT you have to be good!


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