Why is your Special Gem Stone Priceless

As numerous of you know, gem stones have already been used since prehistoric times, not just as body ornamentation but also for the powers they certainly were believed to hold. Since gem stones are merely rocks or minerals obtained from the earth, they did not need the glitter, shine and sophistication that they’ve become today. Consequently, the first people were more concerned with their healing and other powers than their beauty.

People believed the more rare the gem stone, the more valued it was to the dog owner; to get this kind of rare precious gem stone simply enhanced ความหมายอัญมณี the power it held. Put simply, they certainly were more valuable. This really is true in modern times as well. It’s surprising that, although the gem stone’s beauty plays a significant role, it’s the gem’s rarity that collectors crave.

The ancients were more concerned with the myths and beliefs surrounding the various forms of rough gem stones they discovered. Even a straightforward river rock was considered to hold special powers. The principal utilization of gem stones was for healing and spiritual rituals.

Kings and queens wore them to attract certain cosmic energies that will make them to rule their kingdoms. While there seems to be limited evidence that certain precious gem stones do exhibit certain power and promote physical healing in the body and emotions, these facts elude modern scientists.

When selecting a diamond stone, consider the popular myths which have been passed for generations. Whether you believe them or not, such myths make your gift even more special.

While there are quite a few semi-precious gems, let’s look at the top four precious gem stones: diamond, emerald, ruby and sapphire.

The Diamond Gem Stone

The diamond gem stone, the hardest gem stone and one of the very valued, is believed to ease respiratory problems such as coughs and mucus. Diamonds are regarded as being the symbol of innocence and consistency, which can explain why they are prized as Crown Jewels.

While diamond gem stones do not need a certain healing nature, they do seem to enhance the power of other precious gem stones and semi-precious stones such as emerald and amethyst. It’s believed that the diamond necklace can block the wearer’s energy flow of those who have mental poison and feelings.

The Emerald Gem Stone

The emerald is commonly looked at as a green stone, however it will come in different colors including a rare red. An emerald that’s the best shade of green can be more valuable when compared to a diamond.

For eons, the emerald was the symbol of hope and is thought to preserve love. This might explain why we see an increasing amount of brides wearing emerald gem stones. It’s said that the emerald vibrates with love, making it the ideal gift between lovers. Some believe the emerald can calm the troubled mind and bring the wearer reason, harmony and wisdom.

The Ruby Gem Stone

At once, the ruby was more valuable when compared to a diamond as it is known as the absolute most powerful gem connected with many astrological signs. Although rubies can be found in varying degrees of red and pink, the very best ones are bright red. Rubies are said to bring contentment and inner peace to the wearer. The ruby makes the right gift as a symbol and a sharing of friendship and love.

The ruby also gives the wearer the power and courage to achieve their highest potential. As a healing gem stone, it is believed to assist in cleansing the blood of germs and infection, while aiding circulation.

The Sapphire Gem Stone

The sapphire is favored as a powerful blue gem stone, with star sapphires being highly valued. This gem stone can be purchased in pink, yellow, violet, green and clear coloring.

The most popular belief is that sapphires help to cure a sore throat, aid with mental clarity and perception, and will bring financial rewards to the owner.

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